Saturday, 21 November 2015 - using your turnshirts

So how do you use these t-shirts? What is the story? 

We'll we'd like to think that the answer is in the name, get some friends together and stand in a line. Then it's time to turn! For the Mexican t-shirts turn in a sequence left or right, or even both ways to start a double wave.

For the Tank Battle turn from left to right to send that missile flying. Go to now to buy your own totally animated and personalised t-shirts. - join the new way to Mexican Wave!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Posting Our Animated T-Shirts

At the beginning of the project we thought that posting the t-shirts would be the easiest of things, but we were wrong. For a system that has been around since 2400 BC you would think that we'd have all the problems ironed out! 

But no, the problems we had were as follows:

  • Non-standard prices depending on post office - difference being if they just look at the package or actually try to fit it through a slot to test it
  • Parcel being sent to "Return To" address rather than actual address on front of parcel
  • Parcel being left behind Wellies on front door - not very safe!
  • Rates changing rapidly depending on contents of parcel

The solution that worked for us and our t-shirts, which include shipping costs in the price in the UK, is to ensure package does not exceed the limits of entering the house via the mail box and reduce package to two t-shirts per parcel rather than overload it. - testing the postal system - "Behind Wellies"!

This means you get the t-shirts delivered through the door, nice and safe and none will be scrunched up!
Find out more about how to use your t-shirts