Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Personalise Your Rock, Paper, Scissors Game with TurnShirts.com

Wow! Play the Rock,Paper and Scissors game using TurnShirts.com and personalise it with your name or team name. The possibilities are endless ...

TurnShirts.com - Choose Rock,Paper or Scissors 

TurnShirts.com - Personalise with your name or team

TurnShirts.com - Play with two teams to win!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Just Hanging out - TurnShirts.com washed and ready!

Your TurnShirts.com personalised and totally animated t-shirts are OK to wash and will keep their glorious design of Spugg crisp and clear. 

We decided on using a relatively new printing method of "direct to garment" printing to ensure that the design would look good after many washes, but also so that it would feel comfortable to wear. 

Checkout out evolution of the TurnShirts.com t-shirt designs to see the different approaches we took  whilst on our journey of discovery in the t-shirt printing processes. 

TurnShirts.com - easy to wash and keep crisp and clean
TurnShirts.com - washed and ready for another turn!

TurnShirts.com - how to use with friends, family and colleagues
TurnShirts.com - take turns using your t-shirts

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Rock,Paper,Scissors - a new twist using TurnShirts.com

You've all heard of the game Rock, Paper and Scissors - played throughout the land and by all ages.

Now you can play Rock,Paper,Scissors - thanks to TurnShirts.com

TurnShirts.com - Play Rock, Paper and Scissors with t-shirts

TurnShirts.com - Play with Family Members Today!

Get your two teams together. Decide who is going to turn their TurnShirts.com t-shirt to reveal the answer - keep your cool, don't sweat it yet. Everyone count to three and BANG! The chosen one turns to reveal the team's decision .... did you win?

TurnShirts.com - Rock, Paper, Scissors Rules!

Get your TurnShirts.com Rock, Paper And Scissors t-shirts to start playing today. Rock, Paper and Scissors is also available in pink or salmon if you wish. Remember to add your name or team or stag party catch phrase to the back of each t-shirt to personalise it.

TurnShirts.com - RPS is also available in Pink or Salmon

Thursday, 12 May 2016

TurnShirts.com now on Interactive Pamphlets

To promote the wonders of Totally Animated and Personalised t-shirts from TurnShirts.com we are adding adverts to the Interactive Pamphlet range from Bright Spark Mark, where you can go and create your own for free!

The idea is fantastic and easy to do, just:
  • Print out a pamphlet
  • Cut as necessary 
  • Add your questions
  • Surprise people with your knowledge about the world! 

TurnShirts.com - now advertising on Interactive Pamphlets

TurnShirts.com - Answer the question on the front ...

TurnShirts.com - Pull TAB to see if you are right!

Find out more by going to TurnShirts.com for Totally Animated and Personalised t-shirts now! 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Introducing Spugg - Your TurnShirts.com hero!

Say hello to "Spugg" your TurnShirts.com hero and friend. This page will tell you all about the main character used on our Totally Animated T-Shirts from TurnShirts.com.

All About Spugg 

TurnShirts.com - Spugg and the wait for new t-shirts is over!

Spugg was a development from the creative genius of Garry of Hue7Design fame. Starting life as a potato and taking on the challenge of becoming the lead character and brand for TurnShirts.com designs.

Spugg is not afraid of anything! 
He can drive a Tank, complete a Mexican wave and soon will take part in our rock, paper and scissor competitions.

Spugg enjoys Mexican Waves!

Spugg can drive a tank!
So to have fun with Spugg today, visit the TurnShirts.com website and order your personalised totally animated t-shirts today

Gary bought a TurnShirts.com t-shirt with Spugg on it!

Order your personalised totally animated t-shirts today ...


Friday, 19 February 2016

Calling all Sales Teams - motivate your staff with TurnShirts.com

Want to motivate your sales teams? Want to celebrate hitting a target? Fed up of just clapping, ringing a bell or simply shouting a big "Wow!" across the room?

Welcome to the wonderful world of TurnShirts.com where you can use your personalised totally animated t-shirts to celebrate the Sales Team's BIG moment in style. 

Buy personalised t-shirts for each team member, with their name or nickname on the back, wait for that magical moment when the sales target is reached and then get everyone up and complete a Mexican Wave in a TurnShirts' style.

Celebrating a WIN will never be the same again ... Enjoy!  

Monday, 1 February 2016

TurnShirts.com - a developers platform choice

So why a standard Blogging System for TurnShirts.com?

As the developer on the project I can hold my hands up and say I made some bad choices when trying to progress the project. I should have put aside the "I want to learn something new" or "I want to write from scratch" or "I want to show off how complex I can make a system".

Using a new technology
So whilst working at a company called Romax I was using Seaside/Pharo/Smalltalk and wanted to apply this to the TurnShirts.com project. This was a mistake for the following reasons:

  • Garry the designer could not use it, plus I had to explain a new way of working
  • I was still learning more about it - it's weaknesses and strengths
  • When the project was released the support would be limited - selling as a franchise requires extra work as I would have to also license the software and support it.

Create a bespoke application
So let's create a bespoke PHP application! Um, that will require all my time and people won't understand it or be able to support it. Though it meant we could create a unique system - it would also mean that I would have to support or create a shed load of documentation to support it.

So we did this for 8 months until I realised that this was a mistake.

When we went down the bespoke route - I knew that every time the design changed or the process was amended my heart did sink a little - knowing extra work was coming my way when using a bespoke system. A step away from delivering a system - not a step towards it.

Use proven and known Technology - live with the limits
So as we had both worked on WordPress and myself with WooCommerce it was a good choice and meant that as a developer I could step back and actually take points and advice from the designer. Also opens up other opportunities for adding pages, adding modules, creating modules and leveraging the system to actually deliver a project.

I would not say this was as straightforward as we thought it would be or delivered the bespoke system that we had started to code, but it did mean we could have an actual end date on the project - and actually deploy something ready for selling. Which was the main aim of the project!

 Link to Turnshirts.com

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The evolution of the TurnShirts.com design

So what was the the evolution of the TurnShirts.com designs?

When we both started this process we thought the hard bit was going to be coming up with the idea and to create a nice brand which would follow the idea. Surely creating a t-shirt + printing + shipping,  would be simple due to the fact that it's all been done before. And there are some great t-shirt designs out there. 

This was not the case, the brand developed with the limitations of t-shirt design and for more information on the our experiences with shipping check out our previous blog post.

Below is a simple snippet of the evolution of the designs, starting from left we have a bright orange with simple black on white design, then a test card to check the quality and production. After that we have the new designs with added colour and different colour depths.

Evolution of Turnshirts.com Designs
The evolution of TurnShirts.com designs

So what did we learn as we evolved the designs and played with the materials we had to work with in the field of t-shirt production? What were we looking to achieve?

Quality product 
Please get example garments to feel and wear yourself. Test the design on the one you choose as the final colours will look different when printed. Product placement templates help when explaining positioning and layout to people. 

Easy to recognise design
Viewing the original design, we went for a simple black lines on white background - which looked great on the website, but when viewed on the t-shirts lacked style. Now we have gone for a coloured background to bring the design to the front - using the colours to match different theme's of t-shirts. So we now have a Mexican Wave theme based on an red and yellow background or the Tank Battle on blue and yellow.

Repeatable results
With the t-shirt production you need to make sure that the results can be repeated consistently - this will take a few test orders and providing a design template so you can use it in the production process.

We created a new character Spugg (c) to represent the design and so we can intermingle his costumes and characters. Originally we had the idea to create a character per t-shirt set but this would put a strain on design time and creation. 

Fun to use
Our brand is fun to use and offers a different take on the t-shirt market. We have kept the design crisp and simple!

So visit our site now to order a totally animated t-shirt experience and check out our latest designs.

See more design at TurnShirts.com