Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Introducing Spugg - Your TurnShirts.com hero!

Say hello to "Spugg" your TurnShirts.com hero and friend. This page will tell you all about the main character used on our Totally Animated T-Shirts from TurnShirts.com.

All About Spugg 

TurnShirts.com - Spugg and the wait for new t-shirts is over!

Spugg was a development from the creative genius of Garry of Hue7Design fame. Starting life as a potato and taking on the challenge of becoming the lead character and brand for TurnShirts.com designs.

Spugg is not afraid of anything! 
He can drive a Tank, complete a Mexican wave and soon will take part in our rock, paper and scissor competitions.

Spugg enjoys Mexican Waves!

Spugg can drive a tank!
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Gary bought a TurnShirts.com t-shirt with Spugg on it!

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