Thursday, 16 June 2016

Rock,Paper,Scissors - a new twist using

You've all heard of the game Rock, Paper and Scissors - played throughout the land and by all ages.

Now you can play Rock,Paper,Scissors - thanks to - Play Rock, Paper and Scissors with t-shirts - Play with Family Members Today!

Get your two teams together. Decide who is going to turn their t-shirt to reveal the answer - keep your cool, don't sweat it yet. Everyone count to three and BANG! The chosen one turns to reveal the team's decision .... did you win? - Rock, Paper, Scissors Rules!

Get your Rock, Paper And Scissors t-shirts to start playing today. Rock, Paper and Scissors is also available in pink or salmon if you wish. Remember to add your name or team or stag party catch phrase to the back of each t-shirt to personalise it. - RPS is also available in Pink or Salmon